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12th week of Ordinary Time 24062019Download

Corpus Christi 23.06.2019Download What a joy it was to be ordained by the Lord to serve the Lord and the People of God on 31 May! Over the last three weeks since Archbishop Mark laid hands on me and invoked the Holy Spirit, many people have asked what it was like (to be ordained), and…

11th week of Ordinary Time 17062019Download

Holy Trinity 16062019Download When we talk of the Triune God, what do we exactly mean? It was Descartes, a French Philosopher, who spoke of the difference between ‘the god of the Philosophers’ and ‘the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob’. It is the difference between God as studied and thought about intellectually, and God as…

10th week of Ordinary Time 10062019Download

Pentecost 09062019Download Receive the gift of the Spirit Today we celebrate the great feast of Pentecost. The name “Pentecost” comes from the Greek word “Pentēkostē” meaning “fiftieth.” Like Easter, it is tied to a Jewish feast. 49 days (7 weeks, or “a week of weeks”) after the second day of Passover, the Jews celebrated the…

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