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Every Choice Has a Cost

       Life is full of choices and these choices are made from things that we cherish and things that attract us. As such the real challenge becomes which of the things that attract us are we to let go in order to live with the more important ones. It is true as we all know how taxing it could be for one to make choices. As a result, some people dread making decisions because of the fear of the unknown and what the future holds. Be that as it may, making decisions is one of the things we cannot do without in life. It is part and parcel of what life is in general and every choice has a cost. In the first reading, wisdom is personified as a woman and depicted as a precious and priceless jewel. Here the writer says: “I prayed, and understanding was given me; I entreated, and the spirit of Wisdom came to me. I esteemed her more than sceptres and thrones; compared with her, I held riches as nothing I reckoned no priceless stone to be her peer,” (Wis.7:7-9). Here we have a reinterpretation and representation of Solomon’s prayer for wisdom.

In life, we are required to make choices from the very good things that attract us. To make a good and better choice, we need wisdom as in her is found “all other good things” (v.11). By becoming a Christian each of us made a choice to follow Christ. In following Christ, we have other choices to make too, as Jesus made it clear to the rich man in the Gospel: “Go and sell everything you own and give the money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; then come, follow me.” The young man in the story has before him a big choice to make. It is to choose between his wealth and the Kingdom of Heaven. It was difficult for him to embrace the cost of discipleship and he left sad and disappointed. This teaches us that the desire to keep the law must meet love and compassion which are at the very heart of the Gospel of Christ.

Therefore, to enter the Kingdom of God, we have to make a choice, either to live rightly; loving one another by using our wealth to build up the kingdom of God or to allow our wealth to possess us. What choices am I making today as a Christian in order to enter into a deeper relationship with God? Am I allowing the Word of God to lead me to the full knowledge of what God wants me to do as a disciple of Christ?

Fr Leonard Uzuegbu

Ordinary Time 28th Sunday 111015

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