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We are an Easter People!

           Throughout Lent we were constantly hearing readings which spoke of great changes taking place in people’s lives. Of course the Easter season is no different. As Christians we are constantly on a journey with God. During these weeks of Easter, we are invited into the life of resurrection in a special way – one which evokes “Alleluias” from us.

It was in the middle of the everyday, on a journey to Emmaus, that the two disciples encountered Jesus. No, they didn’t recognise him immediately, but they were obviously open to his presence, because suddenly, their eyes and ears, their hearts and souls were overwhelmingly aware of his presence with them. We are told that they set out ‘that instant’ to tell everyone of their encounter. There was a sense of urgency and a passion, an excitement about their encounter with Jesus. They were transformed.

During this Easter Season, may we be increasingly aware of the presence of the resurrected Christ with us as we go about our everyday. May we be open to being transformed by his presence and his words to us.

May we be so transformed by the risen Christ that we are not only filled with ‘alleluias’ when we gather together, but we are moved to go with a sense of urgency and the joy which fills our hearts, to share the Good News with others.

We are an Easter people!

Grace Harwood


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