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Parish Conversations – advance notice.

A sign of a healthy parish is that parishioners discuss the issues and challenges that modern life brings to our Faith and our Church. The Parish Pastoral Council will be organising a number of opportunities in the next few years for us to have such conversations. Apart from providing opportunities to discuss amongst ourselves this will be a good platform to prepare for the Australian Plenary Council (anticipated 2020).

We are currently arranging the first of these Parish Conversations and planning to meet with various Parish groups (YAM, Guides and Welcomers) and also provide opportunities for everyone in the parish to participate. In particular we will be organising meetings on:

  • Third Sunday Morning Teas in November at St Stephen’s
  • Morning Tea in November at St Patrick’s- date to be announced.
  • An evening at Francis Rush Centre in November (date to be announced- after 5.10pm mass and also at 7.00pm same evening)


For this initial set of conversations we would like you to consider these questions:


  1. What do you think the Church is currently doing particularly well to address the issues we are facing at present? Do you have particular concerns about things it is not doing well and should be doing?


  1. How well do you think we as a parish are doing as part of that process? Think about the parish and its position in the City. Are there specific areas at which we need to be doing better? What should be our priorities?


  1. Reflecting on recent years, what have been your highlights as being part of the Cathedral parish? What are the challenges we will face in coming years and how do you think we should respond to these? Think about issues such as liturgical life, responding to our community etc.


If you would like to respond to any of these questions individually (either in addition to attending these meetings or instead of) please do so by sending an email response to


Please watch out for specific dates for

the above meetings in future newsletters.


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