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Called from Death to Life

The readings throughout Lent have been about life being turned upside down – sometimes Jesus’ life, sometimes the lives of the people he encounters – sometimes both. Today’s readings are no different.

Anyone who has ever been called to the bedside of a dying friend or family member knows the agony of the journey Jesus took when he discovered Lazarus was ill. When he arrives, not only does he discover that his dear friend Lazarus has died but he is seemingly chastised for taking too long to arrive.

In this moment, Jesus demonstrates that he has more power than the chains of death. In raising Lazarus he surely confounds those who are witness to it. What does this mean for them? What will be different now that they have this knowledge in their hearts, minds and souls?

What are the chains that bind us? What are the things that rob us of life? What is it like to be ‘called from the tomb’ by Jesus? Do we have the courage to move from the darkness of death into the light of life that is offered?

Similarly, Lazarus needed to be unbound, in order to walk freely. Jesus called the people to help him. As we look around us, this Lent, the question which surely sits before us is – who does Jesus call me to unbind? What do they need to be unbound from? What does this require of me? Am I willing to be changed by what I know and believe of the resurrection and the

life that is to come?


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