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Thank you for your support and encouragement

It is said that every beginning has an ending in sight. Looking back three years ago, I can visualize in retrospect the warmness with which I was received when I joined the Cathedral Community which incorporates St. Patrick’s Fortitude Valley. Though today, these three years-old journey has come to an end, but the memories will live on.

You watched and experienced my transmission from being a deacon to my priestly ordination and subsequently my ministry among you.

Honestly, it has been a beautiful and memorable experience journeying with you, as co-pilgrims. My experience here had been both challenging and still very enriching. Within these three years, I have encountered many members of our Community that have really influenced and inspired me. Deep in me, I know that I will always appreciate the friendship I have had with you.

Having said that, I wish to thank firstly, God almighty for his love and blessings in my life and ministry. I thank the Archbishop and the Dean of the Cathedral for their support and encouragement. My appreciation also goes to the Cathedral staff, altar servers, volunteers and those in different ministries in our community. Permit me to single out in a special way, the Young Adults Ministry (YAM) of the Cathedral. They are awesome, faith filled, amazing and talented young men and women that love God and the Church. They have become not only my co-wayfarers but also my friends. In a special way, I thank you whom I couldn’t mention by name from the bottom of my heart for your advice, support, encouragement, gifts and friendship.

As I am going to Wilston, I go with mixed feelings – a kind of bittersweet. It is bitter because I am leaving behind a wonderful community that have impacted on me very positively. On the other hand, I see it from the optics of the Easter event. As the death and resurrection of Jesus heralded an era of new life and new beginning, my movement to the Kedron Brook Catholic Community fills me with a kind of sweet feelings too. This is because it provides an opportunity of growth and has opened a door to a whole world of new experience to me and my ministry.

I will carry your memories in my heart. I will keep you in my prayers, please, pray also for me. God bless you.

Leonard Uzuegbu


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