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Happy Easter!

Should you have been wished a Happy Good Friday?

Is “Happy” actually the best expression of what we celebrate at Easter?

“Happy Easter,” are often the parting words used by people at work as they move into the long weekend to enjoy a very substantial break. I actually said it myself to others I did not expect to see until after the Easter weekend.

In the Beatitudes, Jesus announced happiness as something very different to self indulgence on a long weekend. You remember, “Happy are the poor in spirit…, Happy are those who mourn…, Happy are those who are persecuted for my sake…” and so on.

In the mind of Christ, happiness is a by-product of those who live for God. It is as we live the way of God, that we find happiness. Those who seek happiness for the sake of happiness, will always be trying to chase it down especially, if happiness is believed to be found in what we have for ourselves or what we get or what we avoid – happiness is not found like this.

We only need to look upon the newly baptised at Easter and witness their joy to see that happiness is really about being submerged in Jesus Christ. Happiness is all about our pursuing who we are because of our Baptismal commitment.

So, should we wish each other a Happy Easter? What about a Happy Good Friday?

During the course of the Triduum, we have remembered the gift of the Eucharist, the gift of purpose in our service to others, the gift of forgiveness for our sins, the gift of knowing that suffering is not a sign that God has left us and, the gift of resurrection hope.

If happiness is a by-product of living for God, then responding to all these gifts is indeed a reason to say a belated, “Happy Holy Thursday and a Happy Good Friday” and, “ Happy Easter!”

Fr Bob Harwood


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