The Cathedral of St Stephen is home to three choirs – the Cathedral Choir, the Schola and the Chorale.

The Cathedral Choir

The Cathedral Choir was founded in 1970, however there has been a strong tradition of choirs spanning the history of the Cathedral. The present choir is a “men and boy’s” choir in the tradition of the Cathedral choirs of England and Europe. The members range in age from about 10 years old for the younger boys to near retirement age for some of the men, and every place in between. The choir’s anthem and motet repertoire is formed from the Classical repertoire of choral music from the sixteenth century to the present, and features such composers as Byrd, Bach, Mozart, Bruckner, Britten, Vaughan Williams.

This choir sings at the Sunday 10am Mass, and is a core element of the Cathedral’s choral celebration on Sundays and important occasions during the year such as Christmas and Easter.

The choir is always looking for new members, and particularly young boy choristers.

The Schola of the Cathedral of St. Stephen

The Cathedral Schola was founded in 2000 and is currently a nine member professional choral ensemble. Its major responsibility is the 12.00 noon Mass on most Sundays, but it takes on extra duties from time to time and especially over the major seasons of the Church’s Year such as Lent, Easter, Advent and Christmas. As a professional ensemble it sings the major church repertoire of the last four or five centuries with a special emphasis on current Classical sacred music from Australia and the rest of the world. The Schola released its first CD recording, A New Song, in December 2005. It is available from the Cathedral office and Gift Shop.

Membership of the ensemble is through audition in December and January. Please see files listed below for details.

The St. Stephen's Chorale

The St Stephen’s Chorale is a community choir that sings the 12.00 noon mass on the first Sunday of the month at St Stephen’s Cathedral. Many of its members are drawn from parish churches, and enjoy the fact that they can fulfil their responsibilities in their own parish on Sunday morning and then sing at the Cathedral. The choir sings most music in four choral parts – soprano, alto, tenor and bass. The ability to read music is an advantage but not a requirement.

Please see files listed below for details.

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