St Stephen’s Cathedral Schola

The Schola of St. Stephen Cathedral is an eight member professional choral ensemble. Its major responsibility is performance at 12.00 noon Mass every Sunday, but there are extra duties from time to time and especially over the major seasons of the Church’s Year such as Lent Easter and Christmas. The ensemble’s work averages 4 hours per week. The Schola is one of the very few professionals vocal ensembles in Australia and is conducted by the Cathedral Director of Music, Dr.Andrew Cichy.

Basic Commitment

Tuesday rehearsals 6 – 7 or 6- 8
Sunday rehearsal and mass 11.30 – 1.00
The ensemble’s year begins in early February and continues up to and including Christmas morning. On occasions there are extra services on weeknights or weekends. The choir sings during university vacations with the exception of the end of December and January as listed above.
Approximately once a month the ensemble has a Sunday which is scheduled “off”.
The members of the ensemble also fulfil solo cantorial duties at the noon and 7.30 pm masses on an eight week rotation.
Since this is a professional and paid appointment, members of the group are expected to make themselves available for events where reasonable notice has been given.

Extra Commitment

The choir also sings for concerts and outside events on occasions.


Choristers currently (2011) receive remuneration of $410 per month based on an 11-month year.

Characteristics of successful applicants

  • a good well produced voice with the ability to blend and balance with

the other members of the ensemble

  • familiarity with and practical experience in a wide range of church

music and historical choral styles

  • capacity for independent preparation of music
  • ability to sight sing well or at least to learn new music independently


  • ability to lead the worship of the congregation as a cantor and to feel

comfortable in that role

  • desire to improve oneself musically as well as the quality of the



Vacancies will be filled through an audition and interview which lasts approximately 45 minutes. Auditions are held in the period November – early February. The audition consists of some simple vocal exercises to help the Director form a picture of the applicant’s vocal tone the singing of an “own choice” piece (the piece should be sung unaccompanied, though applicants are free to choose a piece which would normally be sung with accompaniment)
A sight singing test
The Director might suggest that the applicant attend a rehearsal and/or mass as well as part of the audition.
The ensemble is auditioned every year and current members will reaudition as part of the process.

Deadlines and time frame

It is expected that the audition process will be completed by the beginning of February, and that new members will begin their contracts at some time early in February.

Where Now?

For further information or to submit a request for audition form please contact:

Dr Andrew Cichy
St. Stephen’s Cathedral
GPO Box 282
Brisbane, Qld 4001
Phone: (07)3324 3009

Audition forms may be submitted by mail or e-mail.

The Cathedral is located at 249 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane (just a little beyond the Elizabeth/Edward Street intersection).
The choir room where auditions and rehearsals are located is in Mercy House, 172 Charlotte Street, Brisbane (in the Cathedral grounds)

Further information

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