St Stephen’s Cathedral Schola

The St. Stephen’s Chorale is a community choir which sings the noon mass on the first Sunday of the month at St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Many of its members are members of parish churches, and enjoy the fact that they can fulfil their responsibilities in their own parish on Sunday morning and then sing at the Cathedral. The choir sings much music in four choral parts – soprano, alto, tenor and bass. The ability to read music is an advantage but not a requirement.

Basic Commitment

First Sunday of the month 11.30 – 1.00 (includes rehearsal and mass)
Rehearsals on the two Tuesday nights immediately preceding the first Sunday of the month (these might be the third and fourth Tuesdays, the fourth and first Tuesdays, or the fourth and fifth Tuesdays of the month).

Rehearsals are

7.30 pm – 9.00 pm

Choristers are not required to be Catholic to be members of the choir.

Extra Commitment

The choir will sing for two or three extra events per year and there may be a few extra rehearsals for these. These “extras” include joining with other choirs to form a massed choir for festivals.

Participation in extra musical or social commitments is optional.


For rehearsals dress is casual.


Parking is available free of charge for rehearsals and masses in the Cathedral Car Park


No matter how much information you receive, it is still sometimes difficult to make decisions about joining a choir.
Will you like it? Will it fit into your schedule? Often these questions simply cannot be answered by thinking about things. We strongly recommend in the beginning that you
do not “join the choir” but “join for a tryout”. Only after a few weeks of participation will you know if it is going to work.

Where Now?

If you are interested, call the Cathedral Director of Music, Dr Andrew Cichy 3324 3009. A call does not commit you to the choir, but it does allow you to discuss issues.

Join the Cathedral Choir

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