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“Come,” said Jesus.

Just as the disciples were called to come to Jesus, each one of us is called to come to Christ. As we near the end of National Vocations Awareness Week, we continue to reflect upon the multitude of way in which each of us are called by God to live our life in the fullness that has been intended for us from the dawn of creation.

Every day, we are called to remember that we are baptised into Christ, and to live that calling faithfully within our vocation. Discerning that vocation is something which comes from the inside out and requires a willingness to both listen to God and respond. Whether we use the language of ‘seeking God out’ or allowing ourselves to be ‘found by God’, being alert, aware and open to God’s presence and movement are key to discernment. Elijah met God unexpectedly whilst trying to hide in a cave. God’s voice was unmistakable when it came and Elijah responded.

Whether we discern a vocation to singleness, married life, clerical or religious orders, the God who gives us life continues to invite us to be courageous, and to step out of whatever cave we are in. Our faith and our history remind us that God’s plan is always a good one. So trusting in the God who tells us not to be afraid, may we step forward to embrace our vocation each day. Just like Peter, we will have moments of doubt and fear, but Jesus the Christ reminds us to trust God’s plan.

We may be called to come, but it is comforting to remember that in great faithfulness, God also continues to come to us in a variety of ways every day – constant companion, constant hope, and constant guide.

Grace Harwood


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