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Dear friends,

Jesus says that the way of true liberation is renunciation, even of what we seem to depend upon – family, possessions, even our own life.  Our true security is found in sharing the sacrifice of the Cross. This is strange: loss turns out to be gain and death turns out to be life. That’s the logic of God that underlies his plan. 

The Annual Catholic Campaign takes its place within that logic and that plan. Each year the Campaign invites the Catholic community to help in accomplishing God’s plan. Supporting the ministries through the Annual Catholic Campaign involves renunciation, even sacrifice.  But I ask you to make a calm and reasonable assessment of what you can give and to do so in recognition of where your true security lies, what your life really depends upon.  What is also clear is that your generosity will be the answer to someone’s prayer, which is again the way God wants it to be. 

The Annual Catholic Campaign was intended to reduce multiple Sunday appeals to a single appeal. But the intention behind it goes far beyond that. In the end, the intention is to call the Catholic people of the Archdiocese into the unfolding plan of God – not just to help the needy but to bring to birth a new ordering of human relationships, a society where brothers and sisters can embrace each other in the compassion of God. So I urge you to say yes to that.

Most Reverend Mark Coleridge

Archbishop of Brisbane

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