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Where does our heart lie?

I’m not sure that there is any role in life about which we are more critical of ourselves than in the role of parent. There are things about my parenting that I look back upon and cringe.

My children will tell you that if they really wanted something, they’d go to dad, because he was more likely to say yes first up, whereas my response was generally no. My perceived harshness in the eyes of my children was not something I wanted to be known for (and yet, I believed in boundaries).

So, what to do? Over time, what my children also came to know, was that sometimes, I would come back later and let them know that I had changed my mind. I realised that I hadn’t thought it through very well, or I didn’t have a logical reason for saying no or maybe I had been reactive. Of course this then required an apology and a change of direction. Hopefully one day I will have learned to do all of that reflecting and processing before I give the initial answer.

I take heart in the gospel reading for today. It reminds me that God is constantly there, waiting for a change of heart and action from each one of us….. The ‘no’ we give doesn’t exclude us from God’s love, it simply means we choose some to create some distance. The beauty of God is that the loving doesn’t stop. God simply waits….and waits….and waits, until our no becomes a yes.

During this coming week, may we reflect upon the ways in which we are saying ‘no’ to God, and recognise the invitation to a change of heart. May we also take time to reflect upon the ways we are saying ‘yes’ to God and then walking away without a response of heart and life.

Grace Harwood


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