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For many years we lived at a distance from the Cathedral and yet it was very special to our family as the centre point of the Archdiocese- the Bishop’s Church. We journeyed to the Cathedral on pilgrimage and for many significant Masses and celebrations. Three years ago, the nature of its ‘specialness’ changed – we came to know and love, the Cathedral as our parish.

For the past year and a half it has been an even greater privilege to serve the parish in a pastoral leadership role. The Cathedral has offered me wonderful opportunities to engage with parents, adults and children around the wonder and mystery of the sacraments; to journey with people in prayer; to support the liturgical life of the parish, and to minister in the midst of the city in all manner of ways.

It is a role I love and hoped to fulfil for many years. Of course, I wasn’t living at Redcliffe when I took the role on. The travel I have adjusted to, but after months of discernment, I have come to the conclusion that I cannot fulfil the pastoral role the way I believe it needs to be filled. I am not able to be ‘available’ in the way that pastoral ministry at its best should be undertaken, and this parish deserves ministry at its best. As such, I will be finishing up on 24 November (working reduced hours from the end of October).

I thank you the people of this parish for sharing your journey with me. I also thank the leadership team and the staff of the Cathedral Office. They truly are a gifted and professional group of people who have supported me constantly in my role, and who give of themselves freely in all sorts of ways. It is complex to be both Cathedral and parish – a constant juggle, lots of grey areas, jobs that you don’t see coming, and opportunities galore to minister through relationships and sacraments. I thank you for the way you do this, and assure you of my ongoing prayerful support.

Grace Harwood


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