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Please click on the link to view the Cathedral Newsletter 23 October, 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time  30th Sunday Ordinary Time 231016

As often happens in life, several things have landed on our doorstep at almost the same time. Both are very important to the ongoing life of the Parish and provide us with information in different ways. Thank you in advance for participating in these 2 important events:

The first, is the National Church Life Survey. Thousands of churches around Australia will participate during October/November. The 2016 NCLS offers the opportunity to hear the opinions, attitudes and beliefs of church attenders across more than 20 denominations, so that leaders at all levels can better plan for improving church health, develop effective leadership, make informed decisions and set direction for the future.

At a local level, the results can be placed alongside previous NCLS results to look for trends and changes in our church community. The NCLS will be distributed for completion at the end of each Mass next weekend (28/29 October).

The second, dovetails beautifully with the first, and was advertised in last week’s newsletter. At a local Cathedral Parish level, the Pastoral Council is inviting each one of us to participate in Parish Conversations. There will be several opportunities after Masses in November to engage in conversation around several questions.

  1. What do you think the Church is currently doing particularly well to address the issues we are facing at present? Do you have particular concerns about things it is not doing well and should be doing?
  2. How well do you think we as a parish are doing as part of that process? Think about the parish and its position in the City. Are there specific areas at which we need to be doing better? What should be our priorities?
  3. Reflecting on recent years, what have been your highlights as being part of the Cathedral parish? What are the challenges we will face in coming years and how do you think we should respond to these? Think about issues such as liturgical life, responding to our community etc.

Dates for these Parish Conversations will be advertised in the newsletter closer to the time. Please contribute to these in person, or by sending an email

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