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I must admit that growing up one of the most difficult things I had to do each day was get out of bed! I was always just so tired. If only I could get just another 15 minutes sleep! I did not improve that much in the seminary, always late or sleeping in for Morning Prayer in the chapel. And I can guarantee you that if I was having that much trouble getting out of bed there was no chance of me making my bed in the morning! The sad reality was the bed I got out of in the morning was in the same state when I went to bed that night.

I don’t know when I changed, but at some point I must have made a conscious and deliberate decision to make my bed in the morning. And it has made all the difference! I know it only takes a few minutes, but these days I would not dream of leaving my bedroom in the morning without making my bed. That is significant because it is the first challenge I have to face each day and, importantly,
I accomplish it.

Having accomplished successfully my first challenge I am inspired to meet the next challenge of my day with confidence. It might be to clean another room, empty the dishwasher, complete some correspondence, tackle a work situation head on, make a phone call that I have been putting off, confront an issue that has lingered far too long. Starting the day by making my bed somehow makes me feel a little more motivated and productive.

Also, when you consciously and deliberately make the decision to make your bed in the morning it is almost a subconscious Lenten resolution. Making my bed is the first step in dealing positively and creatively with all the other things in my daily life that weigh me down, drain me of energy, overwhelm me so much that I try to put them off until another day.

Now I know that I am probably “preaching to the converted” because everyone in our Cathedral Parish makes their bed every morning! But if you are like me you do it by rote, it is done without even thinking of the consequences or implications. A Lenten discipline could be to use your bed making as the deliberate springboard for tackling all the other challenges and decisions of your day. It might even give you the motivation to deal with the clutter of your lives which distracts you from the things and values of God.

Losing perspective and being smothered by all the perceived demands of daily life is a risk we all face. This Lent we will never discover the joy and hope of God’s presence in our lives if we are too preoccupied with all the things that we have not done or put off because they are just too hard. It is never too late to start!   In these remaining days of Lent, if you want to make time for God and focus in on what is important in your life, then perhaps being conscious of making your bed in the morning is a good place to start!

Wishing you every blessing for the fourth week of Lent.

Fr Peter Brannelly


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