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“This is my Son, the Beloved: he enjoys my favour. Listen to him.”

       These words echo in very simply, in the midst of a profoundly unusual moment.

Our readings over past weeks have been focussed upon the Kingdom of God, and today’s reading remind us that this God who heralds the kingdom, who is honoured and glorified above all others, is at one and the same time, the God who says , “I am always here. You are loved. Listen to me.”

It’s all well and good to have those mountain top experiences of God – when the line between heaven and earth seems so thin that one could reach out and touch God (or maybe God is reaching through and touching us) – but the true mark of faith-filled relationship with God, is listening to that same God often enough, and deeply enough to hear those same words in the everyday. “I am always here. You are loved. Listen to me.”

What would the world look like, if we trusted these words – which also echo of our baptism – to the very depth of our being? What would our parish community look like if we learned to listen and trust these words? What would our workplaces look like if we were to trust these words? What would our families look like? What would we look like?

The invitation to each one of us is to work out how to live in ways that echo the same love and care for others that we receive unfailingly from God. We are called not to live on the mountain top, but to bring the mountain top experience alive in the everyday – to keep the light of Christ burning brightly within our lives. We do this by stopping, and by shutting up long enough to let God speak to us – deep listening with an openness to being transformed and being transformative.

Grace Harwood


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