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An important time for Queensland

In the coming months, the Queensland Parliament will again debate the topic of abortion. It will be the second time in two years that some MPs have attempted to decriminalise abortion. The draft bill before our Parliament will allow for abortion until the day that a baby is born if two doctors agree that “in all the circumstances, the termination should be performed”. This will mean that social reasons will be enough for a legal abortion of a full-term baby. This is an important time for our state.

When we talk about abortion, we’re talking about two lives – and both of those lives matter. If we say that one life matters and the other doesn’t, we sign on to what Pope Francis calls “the throw-away culture”.  But the catch with abortion is that it’s life we’re throwing away. The Archdiocese has set up a website to gain feedback from Queenslanders on this new bill. We want to make sure that Queenslanders understand the nature of this legislation:

We want to know what you think. Please take the time to visit the website.

The Most Reverend Mark Coleridge


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