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For a full copy of the Newsletter for the Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time please click on the link;  Ordinary Time 25th Sunday 23092018

This weekend the annual Missions Appeal is held in our Cathedral Parish. Catholic Mission is the Pope’s own mission organisation and it provides essential funding for the Church in Africa, Asia, the Pacific and parts of South America. Internationally Catholic Mission is called the Pontifical Mission Societies or Mission.

Catholic Mission operates in over 160 countries to support initiatives in 1,100 dioceses. Grassroots needs are identified by local Catholics and through your support of Catholic Mission, people are given the opportunity for a full, enriched life—physically and spiritually—regardless of race, stigma, religion or gender.

This year the Catholic Mission Appeal’s focus is on Myanmar. After six decades of internal conflict and political struggles, Myanmar is moving towards a new age of democracy. Led by Cardinal Charles Maung Bo S.D.B., the Catholic Church has prioritised education as the key stepping stone to peace.

Your generous support of this year’s appeal will maintain and build schools and provide training for teachers and resources for students in some of the most remote parts of Myanmar.

This weekend we welcome to the Archdiocese Fr Lucas Tha Ling Sum. Fr Lucas is the Chancellor of the Hakha Diocese, a remote diocese in Myanmar. Fr Lucas was born in Falam, not far from Hakha and was ordained a priest in 2002 after completing his Philosophy and Theology studies at the National Seminary in Mandalay and the Yangon.

In 2006, he was sent to the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium for further studies. In 2012 he completed his PhD in Theology and returned to the Diocese to take up the position of Chancellor of the Diocese. Fr Lucas is passionate about engaging with children in their process of education, moving away from the rote learning system, to inspire children to think for themselves and grow in creative and academic endeavours.

“If we cannot offer good education to children, then I would say that their future is very uncertain. So, it seems that they have no future. And in this way, there is no way for them to improve the quality of life and then sometimes they do not know the value of the human being. And also, as a whole, they cannot really value themselves and then also others. And in this way, their view of the world is narrow and narrower. So, that’s the challenge.” Fr Lucas.

As always, your support of the annual Mission Appeal is greatly appreciated. The appeal envelopes are located on your seats and at the entrance to the Cathedral. If you came unprepared for the appeal this weekend simply return the appeal envelope and place it on one of the collection plates next weekend. Thank you once again for your generosity and trust.

Fr Peter Brannelly



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