Welcome to the Cathedral of Saint Stephen

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The stones of St Stephen’s Cathedral are silent witnesses to the joy and hope, the grief and anguish of generations of Catholic families.

In the quiet corners of this cathedral, those who shed tears of regret have found peace, those who sighed with weariness have gone out with new strength, those who were lost have discovered a way.

Under the arches of this building, candles of hope and trust have flickered through the years.

Here, those in love have pledged to be true to one another all the days of their lives.

Here, they have brought their children to be baptised and confirmed as followers of Christ.

Here, they have said their last farewell to those whose death they mourn.

Here, on countless occasions, the local Church has gathered around the bishop to celebrate its unity in the Eucharist.

Upcoming Events


2dec1:30 pm- 2:40 pm

1.30pm Cathedral Wedding

2dec4:30 pm- 5:30 pm

4.30pm Chapel Wedding

9dec3:00 pm- 4:10 pm

3.00pm St Patrick's Wedding

9dec3:00 pm- 4:10 pm

3.00pm Cathedral Wedding

19dec3:00 pm- 4:10 pm

3.00pm Chapel Wedding

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