Information for Celebrating your wedding in The Cathedral of St Stephen, St Stephen’s Chapel & St Patrick’s Church

We welcome you both, your family and friends to the Cathedral Parish of St Stephen. These conditions are set down to enable you and your guests to enjoy the celebration of your marriage in the churches of the Cathedral of St Stephen.

The Cathedral of St Stephen, as the principal church of the Archdiocese of Brisbane, is a place of special significance. A request to be married in the Cathedral presupposes in the parties an awareness of the religious dimension of the occasion.

The following is a brief guide to assist you in planning for your wedding at the Cathedral of St Stephen. It is a marvellous setting for a wedding. It is not, however available for hire in the way that one may hire a venue for a wedding reception. Non-Christian weddings, or same-sex weddings, or weddings with a civil celebrant are not allowed.

Weddings are conducted according to the rites and teachings of the catholic church. The catholic minister who presides at the wedding will help you know what is required in more depth but among the more important requirements are:

  • one partner must be a baptised Catholic
  • if either partner has been previously married and divorced they will require a declaration of freedom to marry from an ecclesiastical tribunal of the Catholic Church.
  • Pre-marriage education will also be required. This course is conducted by Centacare (Catholic Family and Community Services). Further information on the pre-marriage education program is available on Centacare’s website: or telephone 3252 4371.

While the Cathedral is a marvellous setting for a wedding, the desirability of being married in the Parish Church of your own community should not be underestimated. Your Priest will guide you through the process of preparation and will be responsible for all the papers, both government and church. Take time to decide whether you are having a Ceremony or a Nuptial Mass.

As the Cathedral/Chapel and St Patrick’s are significant historical buildings, occasionally maintenance and restoration work will be undertaken. During these occasions scaffolding and other equipment may be fitted inside and outside of the Churches. On these rare instances, we will endeavour to ensure that the equipment will be as unobtrusive as possible. In the unlikely event that we are required to close the Cathedral/Chapel or St Patrick’s for restoration or maintenance, we will do our utmost to provide adequate notice. In consultation with you, we will also assist to locate a Church for the celebration of your wedding.


In choosing to have your wedding at The Cathedral of St Stephen you are choosing to celebrate the Roman Catholic Rite of Marriage. While your priest will lead you step by step through the Rite of Marriage, we will provide the publication When We Marry to assist you in planning the wedding.

Please take the time to work through this guide, noting what is and what is not, part of the Rite of Marriage. Particular care is needed to ensure Readings chosen are from the Scriptures and that music is appropriate to the Rite.

Again your Priest celebrant will assist you to finalise your marriage ceremony.




Music is arranged through the Director of Music, Dr Andrew Cichy (3324 3009). All music used at wedding ceremonies should reflect Christian values.

Pop Songs & Love Ballads are NOT acceptable. Musicians & singers must be booked through the Cathedral.

A CD and booklet regarding music is available from the Wedding Co ordinator at the Cathedral office.

Sample music

Booking Information

Weddings can be celebrated during the week, Saturday or a Sunday afternoon. It should be noted that weddings will not be celebrated on the following dates:

  •  Sundays during Lent,
  • Holy Week,
  • Easter weekend (which includes Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday, and Easter Monday)
  • Christmas Eve or Christmas Day
  • Anzac Day; and
  • Other public holidays throughout the year.

Weddings times for a Saturday wedding are:

The Cathedral of St Stephen

  • 10.00am First and third Saturday of each month
  • 1.30pm Every Saturday of month
  • 3.00pm Every Saturday of month

St Stephen’s Chapel

  • 11.30am Every Saturday of month
  • 4.30pm Every Saturday of month

St Patrick’s Church, Fortitude Valley

  • 1.30pm Every Saturday of month
  • 3.00pm Every Saturday of month
  • 4.30pm Every Saturday of month

For wedding times other than Saturday, please contact the Wedding Coordinator. Each wedding party has the use of the Cathedral and grounds starting 10 minutes before the scheduled time of your wedding, for a period of no longer than 80 minutes.

A Nuptial Mass/Wedding Ceremony should not take any longer than 45 minutes. Couples who wish to celebrate their wedding in St Stephen’s Chapel, need to be aware that due to the size of the Chapel and Workplace Health and Safety regulations, a maximum of only 70 guests plus the bridal party is permitted.

The Cathedral Sacristan  will be in attendance on the day should there be any last minute questions. To secure a booking, a deposit of 50% of the full cost is payable at the time of booking.

This deposit includes a non-refundable booking fee of $200. If for any reason the wedding is cancelled within 6 months of the date booked, there will be no refund of paid deposit. Full payment must be received six weeks prior to the wedding date. Payments can be made by Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) via the following details:

  • BSB: 064 786 A/c No: 005900100 A/c
  • Name: St Stephen’s Cathedral Parish
  • Reference: date of wedding & surname eg, 04102014 Smith

If you wish to make the payment via credit card, or you would like to make regular monthly payments, please contact the Wedding Co-ordinator.

Wedding Enquiry Form  Check Availability on Calendar



2017 2018
The Cathedral of St Stephen $1800 $2000
St Stephen’s Chapel $1700 $1800
St Patrick’s Church, Fortitude Valley $1600 $1600

If a Cathedral priest will be celebrating your wedding a stipend of $300 should be added to the above costs. These fees include:

  • the flowers for the Cathedral / Chapel / St Patrick’s
  •  the services of the Sacristan
  • the Organist
  • parking for your guests for the duration of the wedding
  •  set up of the Cathedral / Chapel / St Patrick’s
  •  a rehearsal date


If a wedding rehearsal is required it can be booked through the Cathedral office (3324 3030).

Rehearsals should not take any longer than 45 minutes. It is preferable to have the rehearsal before 4.00pm on any given day.

Please note car parking is not available for wedding rehearsals.


Pre-Marriage Education

Relationship Education

Pre-Marriage Education Group Courses Centacare Family and Relationship Service provides group courses in Pre-Marriage Education which are facilitated by trained relationship educators.

The program provides couples with an opportunity to explore their relationship and plan for their future. Couples are invited to engage in a series of written exercises, couple discussions and small group activities. The program encourages couples to practise communication and conflict management skills and is based on a wide variety of current research. No sharing of personal information is required.

2016 Centacare Pre Marriage GROUP Course Dates

FOCCUS Program FOCCUS is a questionnaire-based, pre-marriage education course for couples.

Each partner completes a comprehensive questionnaire related to their relationship and future marriage, or long term relationship, with the assistance of a trained FOCCUS facilitator. The facilitator works with the couple assisting them to compare their identified areas of strength and challenge.

The program must be completed at least two months before the wedding. Private after hours sessions need to be booked well in advance.


Contact 58 Morgan St Fortitude Valley 4006 Ph: (07) 3252 4371

Other Important Information


Wedding parties wishing to decorate the pews need to speak with the Wedding Co-ordinator. No other decorations are allowed e.g. carpets, topiaries, candelabra’s etc.

Bows are allowed to be tied to the pews however fresh flowers are not to be included in the bows. It is the responsibility of the bride to organise the attaching of the bows immediately before the ceremony and removal of the bows immediately after the ceremony. No seating/furniture is to be moved in the Cathedral/Chapel/St Patrick’s.

Please note that the use of confetti, rice, rose petals, bubbles, or similar substances are not permitted in the Cathedral/Chapel/St Patrick’s or the surrounding precinct. Doves or butterflies are not to be released.

Flowers Booking Form



As the Cathedral of St Stephen is used for various liturgical ceremonies, bridal parties should be sensitive to the fact that other events may be happening in the Cathedral/Chapel/St Patrick’s on their wedding day.

It is imperative that the bridal party arrives at least 10 minutes before their appointed time so that they are ready to walk down the aisle on time. The Cathedral, the priest and musicians may have other urgent appointments and the service may have to be abbreviated if the bride is late.


Mobile Phones

Remembering the Cathedral is a sacred place, please ensure that your guests have their mobile phones switched off during your wedding rehearsal and wedding ceremony.



Alcohol is strictly prohibited in the Cathedral precinct and the grounds of St Patrick’s. If anyone is found in possession of alcohol they will be asked to leave the premises.



On arrival at the Cathedral the photographer is to contact the Cathedral Sacristan.

Photographs and videos are permitted but care must be taken that this is done in an unobtrusive manner. It is desirable that photographers and video operators consult with the celebrant prior to the ceremony. Photographers are not permitted on the Sanctuary (Altar area) during the ceremony. Extra lighting for videos is to be avoided.

Equipment is not to be attached to walls or pillars. Care is to be taken that no damage is caused to the Cathedral buildings or furnishings.

Once the wedding ceremony is completed it is not possible for the bridal party to return to the Cathedral/Chapel/St Patrick’s for photographs. However it is permitted for photographs to be taken in the grounds.

Bridal cars must not be left in the Cathedral grounds while photographs are taken outside of the Cathedral precinct (e.g. Post Office / Anzac Square).



Limited car parking is available for Saturday and Sunday weddings.  The car park should be vacated as soon as possible after the ceremony.  Please ensure that all cars are securely locked.

 Car parking is not available for week-day weddings.

 Wedding cars ONLY may drive into the Cathedral grounds via the entrance in Elizabeth Street with the bride alighting in the set-down area at the side of the Cathedral.

Extra-long stretch limousines are not to be driven up the driveway.  If these vehicles are hired, confirm drop off or parking arrangements with the limousine company to alight from the vehicle in front of the Cathedral in Elizabeth Street.  All vehicles must vacate the grounds of the Cathedral within the 80 minute time frame allocated for each wedding.

NB This area is not to be used by photographers or guest vehicles.  Access must be available at all time for emergency vehicles and other vehicles to leave the Cathedral precinct.