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“We must learn how to be patient and lenient…”

Human beings are very intricate in nature; that includes each of us. We are an extraordinarily mixture of good and bad. Besides, the roots of good are entangled with the roots of evil that one can’t be pulled up without pulling the other. After over two millennium of the Gospel, things hardly seem to have changed. The longstanding anger in men’s hearts, the imperfections, selfishness, hatreds and violence are all still obvious. Actually, we face new and ever greater problems in our society today.

The fact is that our imperfect society is caught in a process of change and development through the power of the Spirit; and unless each and every one of us could find a way to forgive a little bit more, help a little bit more, love a little bit more, then, the great issues of the world could never be effectively tackled, violence and conflict could never be diminished, and a perfect society that we all dream of could never be a reality.

We must learn how to be patient and lenient towards ourselves in the first place. We must be hospitable. We must acknowledge the dark side of ourselves, without surrendering victory to it. We must struggle on in spite of the weeds; confident that with God’s help goodness will finally prevail. Because it is through struggling that we grow.

Also, we must be patient and lenient to one another. Even though we see only part of a person’s life we tend to rush to judgement. We are always too quick to categorize people, and once we have categorized them as evil, for them there is no redemption anymore. But the truth is that only God has the right and full knowledge to judge; yet, God is patient and tolerant.

By concentrating on people’s vices, we become blind to their virtues. We are too eager to voice our criticisms, but hesitant to give some words of encouragement, and in this way we block every road to improvement. Therefore, let us not knock down each other, rather, let us seek the good in everyone, reveal it and bring it out. A person will be judged, not by a single act or stage in his or her life, but by his or her whole life. This is while judgement can’t come until the end. We all have made great and terrible mistakes, but by the grace of God we can still redeem ourselves.

Fr Odinaka


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